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Street Fighter film and TV rights bought by Legendary Entertainment

UPDATE: New live-action film confirmed.

UPDATE 5/4/23: Just a day after Legendary Entertainment announced it had secured the film and television rights to Capcom's Street Fighter series, it's been confirmed the company already has a new live-action movie in the works.

That's according to the official Street Fighter Twitter account, which noted the project will be a co-production between Capcom and Legendary Entertainment. Beyond that, details are scarce, but we're told to expect "more news to come in the future".

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ORIGINAL STORY 4/4/23: The film and TV rights to the Street Fighter series have been bought by Legendary Entertainment.

The studio will work with Capcom on future projects, the Hollywood Reporter reported.

It's unclear if anything specific is in the works, but the purchase does suggest plans may be afoot.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time Street Fighter has been adapted for the big screen.

The 1994 film Street Fighter starred Jean-Claude Van Damme and Kylie Minogue among other names, although it bombed at the box office.

Then, in 2009, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li was released with Kirstin Kreuk in the title role, though it also flopped.

Legendary will surely be hoping its Street Fighter venture will follow in the footsteps of the Sonic films, The Last of Us TV show, and (presumably) Nintendo's The Super Mario Bros. Movie in winning over a legion of new fans.

Until then, Street Fighter 6 is due for release on 2nd June across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, plus PC. Check out its full launch lineup.

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