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Street Fighter 5 mod puts Overwatch's Sombra in the game

I'd play Overwatch vs Capcom.

The inevitable has happened: a Street Fighter 5 mod has made Sombra from Overwatch playable in the game.

THEJAMK, whose Street Fighter 5 mods we've reported on before, re-skinned Street Fighter 5's Laura so that she becomes Sombra.

Cover image for YouTube videoSOMBRA (Overwatch) SFV (UPDATED for v2.0)

It's a great fit, not least because both characters have similar hairstyles. In fact, when Sombra was announced, some within the fighting game community suggested Blizzard had used Laura as inspiration for her design.

But before we get into a argument about who inspired who, it's worth pointing out that Capcom did not of course invent the one-sided undercut hairstyle. We're all friends!

For reference, here's how Sombra looks in Overwatch:

Here's THEJAMK on the mod:

This isn't even the first time an Overwatch character has been put into Street Fighter 5. TheJamk used Birdie as the basis for Roadhog.

Cover image for YouTube videoBirdie as Roadhog Overwatch SFV

He used Cammy as the basis for a Tracer mod.

Cover image for YouTube videoStreet Fighter V PC mods - TRACER (OVERWATCH)

Here's Zangief as Reinhardt.

Cover image for YouTube videoZangief as Reinhardt (Overwatch) SFV

R. Mika as Mei.

Cover image for YouTube videoMika as Mei (Overwatch) SFV

And Karin turned into D.Va.

Cover image for YouTube video

The whole thing sparks a thought: Overwatch vs Capcom, please!