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Overwatch characters modded into Street Fighter 5 look great

Tracer! Mei! D.Va! And now Roadhog!

UPDATE 29th June 2016: A modder has done as I'd hoped and put Overwatch's Roadhog into Street Fighter 5.

TheJamk, creator of a number of Street Fighter 5 mods, used Birdie as the basis for Roadhog. You can check out his work in the video, below.

It's a good effort: SF5 Roadhog has his gas mask, his belly tattoo and even his signature move, the chain hook. What a perfect fit!

Cover image for YouTube videoBirdie as Roadhog Overwatch SFV

ORIGINAL STORY 27th June 2016: Modders are doing the inevitable: putting Overwatch characters into Street Fighter 5.

Last week, modder "TheJamk" caught the internet's attention after he used Cammy as the basis for a Tracer mod. Check it out in the video, below. It's a good fit!

Cover image for YouTube videoStreet Fighter V PC mods - TRACER (OVERWATCH)

Now, we're seeing more Overwatch characters added to Capcom's fighting game.

TheJamk followed up his Tracer mod by using Street Fighter 5's most famous wrestler Zangief to add Reinhardt to the game.

Cover image for YouTube videoZangief as Reinhardt (Overwatch) SFV

And here's TheJamk again, using R. Mika to create Overwatch's Mei.

Cover image for YouTube videoMika as Mei (Overwatch) SFV

And, courtesy of modder Oscar Gunnarsson, we have Karin turned into D.Va.

Cover image for YouTube video

It won't be long before modders add the entire Overwatch roster to Street Fighter 5. Birdie as Roadhog next please.

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