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Strafe release date delayed until May

Will launch simultaneously on PS4, PC and Mac.

Retro FPS roguelike Strafe will launch on 9th May for PS4, PC and Mac.

It was originally scheduled to come out in March, but developer Pixel Titans needed a few more weeks to get it ready for primetime.

Strafe can be summed up as a cross between Quake and Spelunky with the player sprinting through miniature mazes full of maniacal machines.

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Having played a bit of Strafe last year, I came away highly enthused by the prospect. Unlike most shooters, enemy projectiles are fairly slow, while the player character's movement is zippy as can be, making you feel like you're avoiding actual fireballs rather than simply sight lines.

It also has a neat mechanic where enemy blood permanently paints a level, helping with navigation. Sometimes this is a hindrance though, as certain enemies have corrosive acid for blood, so you need to be strategic about where you slay such foes so they don't ruin your path forward.

Strafe has been in development for some time now, as it originally launched a Kickstarter campaign in Jan 2015 that raised over $207k.

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