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Retro procedural shooter Strafe gets a PC release date

AD it up.

One of our earmarked games of 2017, Strafe, has a release date: 28th March on PC.

This is the fly by the seat of your pants shooter, the one where you get one life, random levels, and guns. There's lots of blocky blood and frantic action. Strafe harkens back to simpler days when cover systems hadn't been invented, to the days of Quake, and mixes in Spelunky for endless replayability. The Strafe website is a lovely homage to the '90s too!

Jeffrey previewed Strafe last summer, and Ian made a video, embedded below.

Cover image for YouTube videoSTRAFE, the perfect homage to 90s shooters

Strafe is made by small team Pixel Titans. The game is also coming to PS4 but there's no word on its release date. Could it arrive at the same time or will we have to wait? I'm trying to find out.