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Devolver signs OTT retro shooter Strafe

1996-themed shooter now due early 2017.

What happened to that over-the-top shooter Strafe that made waves on Kickstarter a year ago? The wires did go a bit quiet. But that's because developer Pixel Titans was off signing a publisher: Devolver.

Now Strafe has a release date of early 2017 on PC and Mac. That alpha prototype everyone got rather excited about is being honed into a proper game.

Otherwise Strafe hasn't changed much. It's still rooted in the year 1996, both in the way it looks and the way it plays - tapping into the speed and style of the Quake era.

But on top of that it layers randomly generated levels and only gives you one life, ensuring you try and survive the madness time and time again. There's Oculus Rift VR support for those with the capability, too.

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PS4, PC, Mac

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