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Storytelling adventure Where the Water Tastes Like Wine adds new Chinese-American tales in free update

And there's 60% off to celebrate.

Developer Dim Bulb's positively received Depression-era storytelling adventure, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, is ready to spin a few more yarns, courtesy of its newly released, and free, Gold Mountain update.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, the brainchild of Johnnemann Nordhagen (co-founder of Gone Home developer Fullbright), sends players, in the guise of a roving skeleton, on a cross-country adventure around the United States. It's a game of tales, with the goal being to tease out new stories from the strangers you meet on your travels, trading yarns you've heard elsewhere to gain their trust and learn the end of their particular narratives.

The new Gold Mountain update introduces a fan-made Chinese translation, lead by Ryan Zhang, and a number of new stories focussing on the experiences of Chinese-Americans and their impact on American history and culture. As Dim Bulb puts it, the additions are intended "to honour the millions of Chinese-Americans generally overlooked in American history".

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Although Where the Water Tastes Like Wine features a strong line-up of writers and voice actors (including Sting!), and was positively received at launch last February - Eurogamer's Recommended review called it "a remarkable collection of reclaimed truths and sparkling falsehoods" - Dim Bulb declared the game a "disaster", commercially, a month after release.

That hasn't stopped the developer from expanding its distinctive cross-country experience, however. Today's update arrives a little over 12 months after Where the Water Tastes Like Wine's Tall Tales update, which added 15 new stories to the core game.

And if you've been meaning to check it out but haven't, as yet, managed to do so, you might like to know that there's currently 60% off Where the Water Tastes Like Wine's usual £14.99 asking price. At present, it costs £6.00 on Steam.

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