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Steam's Lunar New Year Sale is now on

"Save on tens of thousands of titles", Valve says.

Steam's Lunar New Year Sale is now live.

From now until 6pm UK time on 3rd February, PC players can "save on tens of thousands of titles", including heavy discounts on games like Dead by Daylight (50 per cent off), Sekiro (50 per cent off), Rainbow Six Siege (60 per cent off), and Red Dead Redemption (50 per cent).

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It's not just AAA action blockbusters, either. There are savings to be had on plenty of indie and party games, too, with all of the games on offer neatly divided into categories according to genre, theme, mood, and even features to help you whittle down your most wanted list.

In other Valve news, following a bit of a delay at the end of last year, Valve is now confirming its highly anticipated portable gaming PC, Steam Deck, will begin shipping on 28th February.

Ad Matt explained at the time, given the manufacturing constraints that continue to dog the tech industry amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Valve will be disseminating Steam Deck - as it confirmed when its reservations system opened last July - in waves throughout 2022 and beyond.

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