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Valve's next Next Fest will be in June

"Steam's multi-day celebration of upcoming games!"

Valve's springtime Next Fest is barely over, but already it's turning to the summer edition of Next Fest, which will take place from 13th-20th June 2022.

"Mark your calendars for the June 2022 edition of Steam's multi-day celebration of upcoming games!" Valve said. "From 13th - 20th June, players get to try out free demos from all sorts of upcoming games on Steam, giving developers a chance to start building an audience and gather early feedback."

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As well as getting the chance to try out "hundreds" of "cool demos throughout the week", there'll also be a raft of livestreams and chances to meet the people making your new favourite games.

The press release was accompanied with a delightful little ditty, too: "Steam Next Fest in June, this here is your memo / To mark down the dates to try hundreds of demos / There will be lots of livestreams - we say there'll be oodles / For the sake of this rhyme, they might go well with noodles. (Poodles?)". You're welcome.

If you missed our impressions of a few of the demos in the most recent Steam Next Fest, you can view them all in our 2022 Next Fest archive.

It's been a long wait, but Steam Deck is now out in the wild. For those (like me) that didn't make the head of the queue when reservations opened last July, however, Valve recently had some promising news, saying production of its new portable gaming PC will be "in the hundreds of thousands" by April.

Valve designer Lawrence Yang recently explained the company expects production to "ramp very quickly" as it continues "surmounting" the initial supply chain issues that led to Steam Deck's delay last year.