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Starfield: Unity walkthrough

Meeting the Sanctum Universum and the correct answers to the 'Unity' quiz.

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The main quest 'Unity' in Starfield starts after completing the previous quest High Price To Pay.

After repelling the Hunter's first attack and bringing the collected artifacts to safety, we talk to Matteo about the term 'unity'. He points to the Sanctum Universum, a group here on New Atlantis for which this may have hidden meaning. Our next destination is clear.

Speak to Keeper Aquilus

Exit the Lodge and walk straight northwest following this path:

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Then always follow the arrows in LB scan mode, they will lead you to the west of the area. After a short time you finally come across this group of people standing together.

Follow the performances of Keeper Aquilus and the crowd will disperse (you can still get the side quest 'An Invitation' from Marcus Lestari if you talk to him).

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Then chat with Keeper Aquilus and Matteo about why you came here. It seems to be a longer dialogue. Follow them into the Sanctum universe.

Enter the office on the left, take a seat and confront the Keeper with your burning questions. The short form: It puts us on the trail of House Va'ruun and the House of Enlightenment.

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Talk to the Va'ruun prisoner

A member of House Va'ruun has been captured and is being held in prison on New Atlantis. Leave the building and walk through the district to the transit railway. Drive to the spaceport.

Follow the path a few meters to the southwest until you discover the UC Security Office at this point. Enter it:

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If you still have a bounty from the UC due to the No Sudden Moves mission, do not speak to any of the guards inside (or you will be taken away and start the faction quest 'Undercover').

Just run to the back, through the door on the left and into the cell block, where you talk to Mir'za.

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After a few questions about the Great Serpent, the Keeper, and the Pilgrim, she chokes off your conversation. That's all you can get out of Mir'za.

Talk to the House of Enlightenment

Exit the prison and cross the district north until you come to an elevator at the end of an alley:

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Take this to the lower deck and follow the arrows in LB scan mode to an inconspicuous door. Behind it you talk to Andy Singh, who is standing in a spartan room.

We don't get much information from his explanations about the pilgrim with the many questions. The goal is nevertheless achieved.

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Return to Keeper Aquilus

The elevator takes us back upstairs and back to the Warden in the MAST District, who is keenly interested in our new findings.

After all the talk about the Pilgrim and the Infinitum Addendum, we can deduce that the quest continues on the second planet of the Indum system. It goes by the name of Indum II.

Go to Indum II

The journey there started quickly. You can jump directly to the corresponding system via the quest directory and end up in front of the planet.

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You can then use the map with the detailed view to find the point Pilgrim's resting place and land there.

Go to the Pilgrim's Resting Place

After landing, you can follow the path southeast to the Resting Place. There's not much special about the planet. The way to the resting place should therefore pass without major incidents.

You can already see the location from a distance and don't have to do more than approach it:

Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

Search for clues to Unity

There are several buildings on site that can be searched. The one with the sun protection at the entrance leads you behind the first door into this room:

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Here the current goal is already fulfilled and we get the next one.

Get into the locked room

The door to the room only opens with the help of the computer next to it. This does not have to be cracked, but is secured with a series of questions.

If you like, you can look for the pilgrim's notes in the room and rummage through them to find the right solution:

Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

However, this is not really necessary, since you can easily derive all the correct answers. To start, choose the bottom answer: 'What is the Unity?'. More questions follow. Here are the correct solutions:

Question Answer
I return your question with a question. If you have read my writings, what is the burden of the people? People are necessary. But people are madness.
Who is your most formidable opponent? Myself.
Where does enduring contentment come from? In stopping. In embracing compassion.

The small room behind contains, among other things, the Tracker Guide 02 (damage from EM weapons permanently increased by 5%):

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The important thing is the book titled The Pilgrim's Last Record on the shelf to the right. In it we get a clue to a planet called Hyla II where an 'Island hides the scorpion and the sting of the scorpion hides the truth'.

Find the scorpion's sting on Hyla II

With this crucial hint, you can fast travel back to the ship and from there via the quest directory to the Hyla system.

It's far out, so depending on your progress it may be necessary to uncover other systems along the route beforehand (travel there once and it's good).

Upon arrival, open the planetary view and you can navigate to Ancient Ruins.

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Run the few meters in the direction of the ruins and shoot away the opponents if necessary. Then go to this vertical beam, stand on the round base plate in front of it and a pattern with four glyphs will appear in front of you:

Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

This allows the beam to be aligned. It must reach this point of the figure on the ground, then the riddle is solved (last star in the Scorpio constellation):

Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

Click the left glyph three times and the bottom glyph once, and we've found the correct constellation.

Journey to the last star in the Scorpio constellation

This planet is also very far from your current position and may make it necessary to first uncover other systems along the route.

Upon arrival there, Scorpius will contact you again and the current quest will be complete. The next mission starts: 'In Their Footsteps'.

Continue with: In Their Footsteps

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