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Starfield exceeds a million concurrent players a day after full release


Starfield protagonist in front of ringed planet
Image credit: Xbox

Starfield has exceeded a million concurrent players across all platforms by the end of its first day of full release.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer shared the news on X (formerly Twitter), adding: "Thanks to all the players who helped us reach this great milestone and congrats to Bethesda Studios."

The game had already got off to an impressive start last week when it was released into early access for purchasers of the premium edition.

Starfield – Official Live Action TrailerWatch on YouTube

As we reported last week, after one day Starfield reached a concurrent peak on Steam of 234,502.

Now, that Steam peak has risen to 269,177 owing to the game's full release (thanks SteamDB), implying the remaining concurrent players are predominantly on Xbox consoles.

It's unclear whether Starfield has set an Xbox record for peak concurrent players - be it on Game Pass or otherwise - but Microsoft is clearly satisfied with the result so far.

While our Eurogamer review of Starfield is still on the way, Digital Foundry has given its verdict on the tech side of things.

"I was really surprised and impressed by how stable the game is overall," wrote John Linneman. "30 fps is not a high frame-rate, I get that, but it's almost always stable and that counts for a lot."

If you're one of the new explorers in space, check out our Starfield walkthrough.

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