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Starfield delayed to September, Direct showcase scheduled for June

Will air after Xbox Games Showcase.

Bethesda has pushed the release of Starfield back again, with the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG now set to arrive on 6th September. A Starfield-focused showcase will air 11th June.

Starfield was initially due to release last November, but, in May, Bethesda announced it was delaying the game's launch into the "first half of 2023" to "ensure that [players] receive the best, most polished" version.

Now, though, with rumours of a further delay continuing to swell around the internet, Bethesda has confirmed Starfield will now arrive in the second half of 2023, on 6th September.

Starfield official launch date announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

Starfield's new release was announced in a short video presented by Bethesda's Todd Howard, who neglected to address or provide a reason for this latest delay, instead thanking fans for their "support and excitement about the game".

Howard also noted the developer still has "so much" to show fans, with further details now set to be shared during a special Starfield Direct on 11th June - the Sunday before E3 week - following Microsoft's newly confirmed Xbox Games Showcase.