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Stardew Valley's big multiplayer update has a final release date

Sow we hear.

There's finally a release date - 1st August - for Stardew Valley's big multiplayer update, which has been in public beta testing now for several months.

This is just for Stardew Valley's PC version, however. The multiplayer update will launch at a later time on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (and not at all on PlayStation Vita).

Here's a new trailer:

Cover image for YouTube videoStardew Valley Multiplayer Update -- Trailer & Release Date

As previously announced, multiplayer brings support for up to three friends to join you in your farm as farmhands, each with their own cabin on your land. Your friends can do just about everything you can - help farm, mine, fight and forage, and even woo the local villagers. Yes, you and a friend can become love rivals. You and a friend can also now marry, by crafting a wedding ring.

Included in this no-longer beta version of multiplayer are a few other features, such as the ability to set the game's difficulty level (in case having extra help makes things too easy for you), and the addition of a chat box and custom emojis for easy communication.