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StarCraft II's bugs, issues listed

Also, system compatibility advice.

Along with yesterday's launch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty came the opening of the game's official forums on Battle.net. Rooting around in the technical support folders has revealed the current state of play with the game's launch bugs and detailed advice on its system requirements and compatibility.

In short - as you might expect from Blizzard - it's in pretty good shape. The lists of known issues and bugs on the US forums and European forums reveal nothing more serious than the game not working properly in Windows compatibility modes and rendering a black screen when used with a Quick Cam webcam.

On Mac, it's not completely stable if you're running OS X 10.6 with Nvidia graphics drivers, or using a USB headset.

You will also find very detailed system requirements on the forums that, as well as listing the required and recommended specs, list the compatibility or otherwise of a lot of processor and video card families.

We're deep in StarCraft II right now. Expect a review late this week or early next.