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Star Citizen's face mo-cap used to make music video for Bowie's Space Oddity

The stars look very different today.

There's still not a lot to do in Star Citizen but thankfully there is now ridiculous technology to do it with. Face Over IP, for example - it's like voice chat (voice over IP) but it motion-captures your facial movements using a webcam and recreates them on a character in-game, in real-time. How fancy is that?!

Surely you can think of something fun to do with FOIP, like oh I don't know, making your own music video to David Bowie's Space Oddity...

That's right! Someone called AShogunNamedDavid has used Star Citizen's FOIP to make a whole music video for Bowie's iconic track. It's bizarre to begin with - the character pouts and looks constantly surprised, and doesn't quite appear to be in control of their mouth - but it's brilliant by the end. What eerily amazing work.

Watch on YouTube

Meanwhile, Star Citizen's $200m, mammoth development lumbers on. It's still in alpha (version 3.3 recently launched) some six years after its Kickstarter campaign, and it still has no release date. The single-player game Squadron 42 is in a similar state, but we did get a juicy new trailer for it recently.

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