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Star Citizen raises an incredible $30m


Space combat and trading game Star Citizen has just crossed the $30 million raised mark.

Back in June, when developer Chris Roberts announced he had raised $10 million, Star Citizen secured the world record for the most amount raised by a crowd-funding project.

"Another one bites the dust!" Roberts wrote on the Roberts Space Industries website. Now unlocked is the Origin 890 Jump space ship.

The next stretch goal is the result of the $32 million 'ship role' poll, which asked backers to vote on which type of ship they'd like to see developed next. The Salvage type won, so, if $32 million is raised (pretty much a certainty at this stage), the next ship will be based around exploring and recovering derelict starships and other hidden treasures. Backers now get to vote on the type of ship that will be unlocked when $33 million is raised.

Roberts concluded: "And thank you, truly, for making this all possible. Let's make sure no one ever forgets that when publishers wouldn't spend a cent on AAA PC games, real gamers went above and way, way beyond to make Star Citizen happen."

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