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Star Citizen patch 1.1 makes big changes, adds two new spaceships

You have to reinstall the entire game client.

Star Citizen patch 1.1 is out now and makes big changes to the PC space game.

The changes are so significant that you have to reinstall the entire game client, developer Cloud Imperium Games warned in a post on the

You have to uninstall the game and delete any files that remain afterwards before downloading the new patch.

The patch notes are extensive, but headline additions include a new landing and docking mode, and two new ships now made playable:

  • The Gladius light fighter is now combat ready (for the Arena Commander module)
  • The Aegis Dynamics Retaliator is now hangar ready

CIG is selling both ships from its in-game store. The Aegis standalone costs £231. The Gladius standalone costs £75.60.

Also worth highlighting is the new Rental Equipment Credits (REC) system that lets you try out ships you haven't paid full whack to unlock. Players can now earn REC by playing Arena Commander, and use it to rent ships and components. Backers get 5000 REC as a leg-up (thanks, EvilZub).

And here's further evidence that Star Citizen takes the serious business of space flight very seriously indeed:

  • Added a system for ships to generate turbulence when using their thrusters to hover over something

"In future releases we intend to include more complex landing and take-off situations such as hangars and vertical shafts through airlocks," CIG said. "This system will also be extended to docking and work in exactly the same way."

Star Citizen's impressive-sounding new dynamic damage system launches with the Gladius. Eventually it'll be added to all ships in the game.

At the time of publication, Star Citizen had generated $75,846,264 for CIG.

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