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Star Citizen maker launches fiery legal defence against Crytek

"This action should never have been filed."

In December, been-through-the-mill developer Crytek launched a legal assault against Star Citizen maker Cloud Imperium Games. The beef was apparent misuse of CryEngine according to the General Licence Agreement both parties signed.

But Crytek only selectively quoted the General Licence Agreement rather than provided it in full; or, as Cloud Imperium Games said (via Reddit), "deliberately omitted" and "concealed" it. CIG claimed the GLA said things differently.

For instance, one major point in Crytek's case was the agreed use of CryEngine for one game - Star Citizen - not two: Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Apparently, back when the GLA was signed, the single-player game Squadron 42 was not considered a separate thing.

Not so, argued Cloud Imperium; the GLA specified CryEngine use for "the game currently entitled Star Citizen and it's related space fighter game Squadron 42".

This is a very detailed breakdown of Cloud Imperium's defence. Seriously - don't let the hat fool you.Watch on YouTube

Crytek also claimed CIG had agreed to use CryEngine "exclusively". But CIG said this twisted what was actually written in the GLA. What was actually said, apparently, was CIG exclusively had the rights to use CryEngine.

"The GLA eliminates virtually every claim and remedy Crytek seeks," said Cloud Imperium's defence. "Crytek's admission that Defendants are not even using Crytek's software gets rid of the rest."

Cloud Imperium now uses Amazon's Lumberyard engine, itself built on CryEngine, to power Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

CIG wants the case "dismissed in its entirety, with prejudice". If that doesn't happen, CIG wants the "offending allegations" struck on grounds of being "immaterial, impertinent and scandalous".

Star Citizen alpha build 3.0 is now publicly available but you will need to buy a $42/£30 Starter Package in order to get in on it. However, the game is still heavily in development and I wouldn't recommend jumping in unless you expressly wish to become a part of that process. I've been playing alpha 3.0 and will have fuller impressions soon.

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