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Star Citizen is free to play this week

Single-player story splits from main game on Valentine's Day.

Star Citizen is free to play this week.

Developer Cloud Imperium Games unlocked access to Star Citizen Alpha 2.1.2, the latest version of the game's "persistent universe", spaceship combat module Arena Commander, and the Social Module, which lets you interact with other players in Star Citizen's first landing zone. You need an account to play.

Meanwhile, CIG announced the planned split of Squadron 42 and Star Citizen happens on 14th February.

Squadron 42 is the single-player story portion of Star Citizen, and will be available as a standalone game as well as an option add-on for Star Citizen, rather than included by default.

CIG warned those interested in both should consider buying Star Citizen before this deadline, in order to pay the lowest possible price of £35.10.

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