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Stadia now has "Click to Play" demos available without an account

As Google tries to keep the service active.

Google rolling out "Click to Play" demos on Stadia, allowing players to try out games for free for a limited period of time.

What's more, these demos can be launched straight from a compatible web browser without needing a Stadia account.

Players will also be able to access the Stadia storefront without an account, while games on the store will start showing up in Google search results.

The feature was trialled out in October last year, which Google claims resulted in a 35% increase in click-through rates compared with Buy or Claim buttons, as well as a 70 percent boost in player engagement.

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The trials should open to all publishers and developers by the end of the year, with Risk of Rain 2 currently available to trial for up to an hour.

Click to Play as one of a number of projects being worked on at Google in a bid to revive the stagnant platform.

The tech giant also recently announced that it is working on bringing Windows games to Stadia through an in-house compatibility layer.