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Square talks FF Versus XIII "difficulties"

Versus XIII and Agito XIII a long way off.

Final Fantasy XIII spin-off games Versus and Agito won't be released for ages, Tetsuya Nomura has revealed.

The Japanese RPG legend has sprayed Twitter with an information explosion, saying that "there are a number of unannounced titles" to be revealed before the two games are released.

Unveiled in 2006, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a PlayStation 3 exclusive action role-playing game that's part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII compilation.

Also unveiled in 2006, Final Fantasy Agito XIII is a PlayStation Portable exclusive that is without a confirmed Western release.

"Versus has had many difficulties," Nomura said on Twitter (translated by Andriasang)

"And past method of production have been completely inapplicable, but these are the difficulties of birth, so we are working hard. We have a lot to announce, but because we're going in order, I can't say too much yet."

By order, Nomura means promoting games in the order of their release.

Nomura said Square is casting voice actors for Versus and Agito as we speak. PSP Parasite Eve game The 3rd Birthday's recording "will end shortly". Then it's on to Agito.

Nomura confirmed Versus and Agito will skip the German show gamescom, due to run next week. "There are a number of unannounced titles. These will come before Agito and Versus. Some have finished voice recording. Announcements will take place in Japan."

Tokyo Game Show?

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