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Gorgeous J-RPG Octopath Traveler gets a new three-hour demo on Switch today

Ahead of its July release.

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There's good news for those eagerly awaiting the arrival of Square Enix's striking modern-retro J-RPG Octopath Traveler on Switch: a massive three-hour demo launches later today on Nintendo's eShop in Europe and North America.

This, of course, follows the incredibly promising two-character playable teaser that Square released late last year, highlighting Octopath Traveler's engaging combat system - reminiscent of the excellent Bravely Default series (it comes from the same producers) - as well as its gorgeously distinctive "2D-HD" aesthetic, blending old-school pixel-art with a fully-3D world.

According to information revealed during Nintendo's E3 Treehouse broadcast, the new Octopath Traveler demo will let players try out all eight characters in the game - each beginning with their own distinct stories. The only restriction is a hard three-hour limit on the demo, meaning that it mightn't be possible to get through every character in that time.

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On the plus side, saves from the demo will carry over to full release, so you won't need to start over if you're sufficiently enamoured with the game to pick it up at launch. Incidentally, Nintendo also noted that the full game will feature a 50-60 main campaign, bumped up to between 80 and 100 hours when you factor in side quests.

Octopath Traveler releases on Switch on July 13th.

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