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Square Enix has a new MMO to announce

Is it Fixed Final Fantasy XIV Online?

Square Enix will announce a new large scale MMO sometime this financial year (April 2011 to end of March 2012).

Company boss Yoichi Wada announced the plan during a money talk translated by Andriasang.

He didn't say what the game would be nor when he would unveil it. Square Enix could be ready to talk at E3 in two weeks.

Wada did say that Square Enix wants to run three large MMOs at once - presumably Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV Online and this mystery new game.

However, Square Enix still faces an uphill battle getting Final Fantasy XIV back on track. Whether Wada will be willing to announce a new MMO until goodwill has been restored to FFXIV remains to be seen.

E3 2009 and FFXIV is announced. Oh the promise.