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Big Final Fantasy XIV changes detailed

Yoshida outlines plans for troubled MMO.

Big changes are in store for beleaguered MMO Final Fantasy XIV, according to the game's producer.

Naoki Yoshida took to the game's forums over the weekend to outline the various updates and revisions planned for the game in the coming months.

You can pour over the exhaustive list in its entirety here but highlights include comprehensive character rebalancing, user interface tweaks, a new job system, new modes of transport and a revamped battle system designed to "reward effort, reduce monotony".

Square Enix's MMO has had a tough first nine months since its October 2010 launch. The publisher decided to temporarily waive subscription fees in the wake of poor reviews and general user discontent, and recently blamed the game for its poor 2010 financial results.

Original producer Hiromichi Tanaka was dumped in favour of Yoshida back in December in an effort to get the game back on track.

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