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Spore Creature Creator unleashed

Now available to download.

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In case you missed it, the Spore Creature Creator has been released and you can fetch it from the Internet right now.

It broke free from its cage yesterday, and can be caught either in a limited (25 per cent of full being) form for free, or complete for GBP 4.99.

As suggested by the name, the Creature Creator lets you put eyes and ears and mouths and noses, and legs and arms and bodies, together to make a monster.

Once you're happy with your species you can test drive it and watch it bumble about, taking pictures or capturing footage and using integrated support to share it on YouTube.

And when you are proud of your creation you can upload it to the Sporepedia, which is an enormous community hub housing monsters from all around the world. Just right-click and save one, then drag that small file into your Creature Creator to make it appear. Easy.

The site also has lots of tutorials to help you along and suggest better ways to make beasts that work.

"Today is the day we begin to see Spore come to life," said Lucy Bradshaw, boss at Maxis and overseer to Spore.

"We're excited to see what players will do with the powerful and intuitive creativity tools we've put into the Spore Creature Creator. Our team will be excitedly keeping an eye on the Sporepedia to check out creations made by players from around the world."

Spore is due for full release on 5th September.

You can look out for much more on the Spore Creature Creator soon, including an in-depth look at the paid-for version as well as a chat with Lucy Bradshaw about the game.

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