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No "unfair advantage" in Split/Second DLC

Game director Nick Baynes explains.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Split/Second game director Nick Baynes has told Eurogamer that the Hyper Cars Pack DLC will offer competitive but not overpowered new vehicles to drive around in.

"Maybe the wording could have been better, but while it does mean that you'll be getting fast, powerful cars, they're not so powerful that the other cars in the game aren't competitive with them," said Baynes, both responding to the earlier "furore" about a retail description of the add-on and validating the DLC reports at the same time.

"Obviously in a racing game there are cars of varying abilities, and of course these aren't at the lower end of the scale, but no-one will be going online and getting an unfair advantage over people who've played the game without buying the content.

"We spend an obscene amount of time balancing our AI and multiplayer," he added, "so I can assure everyone that we will be doing nothing in DLC or otherwise that will break that."

The Hyper Cars will look "badass" and offer an "awesomely fast and intense experience", but Baynes' lips were sealed beyond that description.

Split/Second: Velocity will be released 21st May on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Look out for our multiplayer impressions soon and our review next week.

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