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Black Rock's final project revealed

F2P Champions Alliance was 6 months away.

Split/Second developer Black Rock was working on a free-to-play game provisionally titled Champions Alliance when Disney pulled the plug on the studio this week, according to a source close to the Brighton-based outfit.

The title was apparently to be in a similar vein to Riot Games' online RTS League of Legends, and based in a world where teenagers had been pulled into an alternative universe by a god called Loki.

"The idea was that you had to do PVP and PVE to gain XP to somehow escape," explained our source.

"The game was intended to be released quite quickly, in beta anyway, in about six months or so," they added.

Black Rock was reportedly just finishing pre-production on the concept when Disney announced it was to shut the studio.

The closure was confirmed by the publisher this morning, with the loss of 40 jobs. Around 100 employees had already been made redundant earlier this year, with just a small number kept on to work on the Champions Alliance project.

"Disney seemed unable to work out what to do with the studio and didn't trust us to do anything other than racing really - despite having a range of great talent at the studio, from a wide variety of backgrounds," added our source.