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Spelunky speedrun world record set at 1:47.182

Never tell me the odds.

Last July speedrunner Pibonacci dashed through Spelunky in a record-breaking 1:55.353 (that's one minute, 55 seconds and 353 milliseconds). Now, YouTuber Spelunky God has bested that by over eight seconds with a new world record of 1:47.182.

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"Wow, this is a REALLY fast Spelunky run," tweeted Spelunky creator Derek Yu, who noted that there's only a one per cent chance to hear the rare alternate musical tracks play twice in the same run.

"Maaaadnes," chimed in game developer Colin Northway, whose likeness this blond, bearded avatar is based on.

Naturally, Spelunky God lucks out and snags a teleporter in the second level, then proceeds to use it like Daredevil uses his four functional senses. For those not well versed in Spelunky, the teleporter is the hardest item to use as most of the time it will transport you into a wall resulting in an instant death. But stand just the right distance away from your target and you can skip large chunks of a level.

Also, who knew you could use the teleporter to warp into the Easter Island statue? I've managed to get to the game's true ending several times and that's still news to me!

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