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Spelunky speed run sets new world record

Blazes through in 1:55.353.

A new Spelunky speedrunning world record has been set by YouTuber Pibonacci, who breezed through Mossmouth's epic action-roguelike in one minute and 55 seconds (and 353 milliseconds).

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The previous world record was by Twitch user Samots who completed the game in two minutes and one second.

The key to Pibonacci's masterful run is the teleporter, one of the deadliest items in the game. This hazardous invention allows players to skip ahead a few tiles in any direction. Misstep your spacial leap, however, and you'll spawn into a wall resulting in instant death.

There was a bit of luck involved as Pibonacci was fortunate enough to snag a jetpack along with a teleporter at the opening of stage 2, while a compass presented itself not much later in 2-1. But even with all the luck in his favour, Pibonacci's insane level of knowledge about the game and reflex-based prowess are a sight to behold. Now how long until somebody trumps this history-making run?

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