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Game of the Week: Spelunky remains the game you can't finish

Olmec it to the end next time.

The splash screen for Spelunky, showing several heroes jumping over lava and avoiding a snake
Image credit: Mossmouth

My position on things is that you can't really finish Spelunky. In Spelunky, a brilliantly malevolent yet dependable roguelike and platformer, there's always something more to try, something new you might learn.

Even so, the degree to which I personally had not finished Spelunky lay far beyond what most people would mean by not having finished the game. More clearly: until this week, I had not defeated Olmec, the very first final boss, if such a formulation is possible. Anyway, now I have. And so Spelunky is our game of the week as a result. Go and play Spelunky! It's still brilliant.

I don't know why I hadn't defeated Olmec until now. My clock reads 220 hours on Steam alone, and I've spent what feel like whole lifetimes playing the game on the 360 and Switch, and even the original version on PC. I would say I'm probably 400 hours in all told, and also: Olmec isn't even that hard to beat. Open up shortcuts and you can be there in minutes, and all you need to cheese him is five bombs. And also also: he's a reference to the final boss of Super Mario 3, which I defeated when I was 12 or thereabouts.

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