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SpeedRunners shifts 600K copies on Steam Early Access

tinyBuild now publishing party-murdering stealth adventure Party Hard.

Competitive side-scrolling racing game SpeedRunners has sold 600K copies on Steam Early Access.

That's quite a lot when one factors in that this simple collaboration between its prototype developer DoubleDutch Games and co-developer/publisher tinyBuild Games has yet to see an official release. tinyBuild noted that players have cumulatively been logging in more than 1m sessions a month.

SpeedRunners is due for an official release later this year on Steam and Xbox One. Just last week it received some crossover content with Payday 2.

For the uninitiated, SpeedRunners tasks four players with running laps around obstacle-laden courses as they try to get far enough ahead of their opponents that they'll be left offscreen, resulting in their demise. You're equipped with a grappling hook and able to pick up numerous power-ups, resulting in something a bit like a cross between Bionic Commando and Mario Kart. It's good fun at parties.

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Speaking of parties, tinyBuild has recently announced that it's backing Party Hard, an amazing looking stealth strategy game about slaughtering everyone at the noisy party next door.

Developed by Pinoki Games, Party Hard looks like a small scale, disco-themed Dishonored, as players must blend in with the wild and crazy crowd while slowly picking off unsuspecting obnoxious jerks. It's due for Steam, iOS and Android later this year and looks a little something like this:

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