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SouthPeak confirms Two Worlds II for PS3

Statement implying 360-only was an error.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SouthPeak has told Eurogamer that RPG sequel Two Worlds II is, despite misleading statements to the contrary, in development for PS3.

Yesterday, TopWare - the European publisher and owner of game developer Reality Pump - announced Two Worlds II for Xbox 360 but made no mention of PS3. And as the game had been unveiled as a PC and "next-gen console" title the natural assumption was that the Sony version had been dropped or had never gotten off the ground. Given the PC/360 nature of the first Two Worlds game, this would make sense, but apparently the sequel is coming to PS3 after all.

SouthPeak, incidentally, will publish Two Worlds II in the UK, US and Australia.

The game will be released in spring next year.

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