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Sorry speedrunners, Capcom just nerfed one of Resident Evil 4's niftiest tricks

That's wall, folks!

Capcom has released a new patch for its Resident Evil 4 remake.

This patch addresses a number of issues, and can generally be seen as a very good thing. After all, we all want our games to look and play as smooth as possible.

Here's Resident Evil 4 Remake's launch trailer. Watch on YouTube

If you are one of the many trying to speedrun your way through the game, I'm afraid this may now be a little harder, as this update has 'fixed' the glitch that allowed players to warp through walls when using the scope in certain areas. This means no more shortcutting your way through doors. Welp!

On the flip side, Capcom has also fixed the issue that saw certain items becoming unobtainable (something that could prevent players from actually progressing through Resi 4's story), so that is definitely a bonus. You win some, you lose some, I suppose.

Remembering the good ol' days, and glitching through doors in Resident Evil 4.Watch on YouTube

You can read the full, most recent, patch notes for Resident Evil 4 Remake below (via Capcom):

PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / Xbox Series X/S / Steam

  • An issue where certain key items become unobtainable, preventing the player from progressing through the main story, has been fixed. (Announced March 31, 2023)
  • An issue causing players to warp through walls when using the scope in certain areas has been fixed

PS5 / PS4

  • Incorrect text displaying for certain trophy explanations in some languages has been fixed (Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish)

Xbox Series X/S

  • An issue preventing the game from launching when downloadable content has been installed and an account with content restrictions is logged in has been fixed.
  • Fixes to the stick dead zone (the range in which the controller's sticks don't respond to movement) made on April 7 have been further adjusted.
  • Changes to the graphics rendering process made on April 7 have been readjusted.

PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X/S / Steam

  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

All that Resident Evil 4 info again, but in a nice picture.

Elsewhere is Resident Evil 4 news, earlier this month Capcom added microtransactions to its remake. The premium content - which was added alongside the free Mercenaries DLC mode - was introduced to give players "access to a weapon's exclusive upgrade at any time".

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