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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Sony GC Conference on Wednesday

EG to report live from Germany.

Eurogamer's away team has now landed in Germany ahead of the Leipzig Games Convention, which kicks into proper gear tomorrow and runs all week - and, as ever, we're planning to provide live coverage of the Sony press conference.

The conference is set to run from 4pm-5pm UK time (5pm-6pm CET, local to Leipzig), on Wednesday 20th August.

The PlayStation platform holder is the only one of The Big Three stepping up to any sort of podium at Games Convention, despite an audience of many thousands of press and industry folk and worldwide attention on the internet.

However, suggestions that Sony will slash the price of the PlayStation 3 were shot down yesterday, which leaves software announcements and perhaps the odd peripheral possibility to fill up the company's scheduled one-hour slot.

Will the company show Heavy Rain? Will we see more of MAG? Will we get a PlayStation Home release date? And will they show off that game the BBC blogger keeps banging on about, or save it for the Tokyo Game Show?

Find out at starting at 4pm UK time on Wednesday.