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Sony clarifies UK PS Move pricing

Bit cheaper than we thought.

Sony has pointed out that PlayStation Move controllers will be cheaper to buy in the UK than we had expected.

One PlayStation Move controller costs £34.99, one PlayStation Eye camera costs £24.99 and one PlayStation sub-controller costs £24.99.

Note that you do not need the sub-controller to play most Move games, and the DualShock 3 pad can substitute for it.

The Move controller and Eye will be bundled in a PlayStation Move Pack for £49.99. This also contains a Starter Disc, which offers an instructional set-up video plus playable demos for Sports Champions, Start the Party!, The Shoot, EyePet: Move Edition, TV Superstars, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, echochrome II, Tumble and Beat Sketchers.

Earlier today Microsoft defended Kinect's pricing by arguing that Sony's prices amounted to the same for a similar experience.