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Sonic Dream Team gets challenging endgame mission in latest update

A sweet dream or a bittersweet nightmare?

Close up of animated Sonic punching at the screen from Sonic Dream Team trailer
Image credit: Sega

Sonic Dream Team has received another update, adding additional levels and an endgame mission.

The Apple Arcade exclusive was released in December last year, but developer Hardlight has continued to update the game ever since.

Previous updates added the Sweet Dreams Zones as a bonus for completing the main adventure. This new update adds two new Acts to the zone, with new level features and new takes on missions.

Sonic Dream Team - Announce TrailerWatch on YouTube

Further, a new endgame mission has been added called Bittersweet Way, available for players who collect all Dream Orbs and Moons. It promises to be the most challenging level so far.

New achievements and competitive rankings have also been added alongside these new levels, plus collectible music tracks are unlocked via hidden musical notes across the game's levels.

Sonic fans should absolutely get on Sonic Dream Team, despite it being a mobile game. It comes highly recommended as a full 3D Sonic adventure with great skatepark-esque level design and a brilliant soundtrack.

It's playable across iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Vision Pro.

For more from the series, Sonic X Shadow Generations now has an official release date.

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