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Someone replaced all of Dark Souls 3's textures with Nicolas Cage

How'd the Lords of Cinder get burned?

Last week modder Limit Breakers replaced every Dark Souls 3 texture with a stock image of crab. Now they've started taking requests for more ridiculous single texture swaps covering the whole game in nightmarish images.

Their follow-up video offers six new variants of Dark Souls 3 texture-swapping madness. Probably the most terrifying of the bunch is one that renders the entirety of Dark Souls 3 to bear the visage of Con Air and Leaving Las Vegas actor Nicolas Cage.

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Other horrifying experiments include using textures based on Shrek, cartoon skulls, an anime "waifu", the word "poise", and the Solaire Sun emblem.

Limit Breakers even included a tutorial video for how you can carry out these mad science experiments yourself.

"Some people say games are art," Limit Breakers said. "I like to think we have proved otherwise."

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