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Sniper Elite 4 on Switch gets first gameplay trailer

Ahead of its launch later this month.

Developer Rebellion has released first gameplay footage of WW2 shooter sequel Sniper Elite 4 running on Switch, ahead of the port's release on 17th November.

Sniper Elite 4 picks up immediately after the events of its predecessor, this time taking the series' well-regarded third-person tactical shooting to Italy, 1943, where players can enjoy "sun-drenched Mediterranean coastal towns, ancient forests, mountain valleys, and colossal Nazi megastructures" - in-between bouts of Nazi busting, of course.

The end result is an experience Eurogamer's Martin Robinson enjoyed rather a lot when he reviewed it back in 2017. "Rebellion has folded in the essence of stealth greats such as Splinter Cell and Metal Gear while keeping the characterful flavour of Sniper Elite itself," he enthused, "and for the first time it's not necessary to make any excuses on its behalf. Sniper Elite 4 is a really good video game."

Cover image for YouTube videoSniper Elite 4 – Gameplay Trailer | Nintendo Switch

Sniper Elite 4, which looks to have transitioned admirably to Switch based on its new gameplay trailer, supports solo, co-op, and multiplayer, with the latter two modes available either locally for up to four players or online. Rebellion's Switch version also offers gyroscopic motion aiming, HD rumble, and Pro Controller support.

Sniper Elite 4 will cost £34.99 when it comes to Switch on 17th November, and there's 10% for those that pre-order via Nintendo's eShop, bringing the price down to £29.74.