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Slime Rancher 2 slime locations list, slime diets and favourite foods explained

Slime management.

Slime Rancher 2 slimes come in many forms - and like its predecessor, there's a whole host of them to collect.

From the common Pink Slime to the rare Gold Slime, filling out the Slimepedia is one of the game’s main goals.

But some of these slimes only appear in certain locations or at certain times, so this slime locations list will help you to track them all down. If you need more in a pinch, then remember finding Gordo locations will end up with a handful of the respective type when fed enough.

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How do slimes work in Slime Rancher 2?

The key to finding all of the slimes is simply continuing to explore new areas. There are two additional islands which you will unlock through play.

The beginner island, where your ranch and conservatory is, is called Rainbow Fields. But you’ll soon be travelling back and forth between Ember Valley and the Starlight Strand, where there are lots of new slime to discover.

But some of these are tricky and only spawn in very particular places, or have certain requirements to be added to the Slimepedia, so this guide should help you to know where and when to go looking.

If you’re struggling to reach anywhere, it can be very helpful to unlock and upgrade the jetpack, as you’ll need this to get to certain areas. And creating a few teleporters when you are able to will also speed up the process of adding all these slime to your ranch!

What are the new slimes in Slime Rancher 2?

Slime Rancher 2 introduces a few new slimes to the lineup. Some of these can be discovered right away, like the exuberant Cotton Slime. Be careful though as they’re deceptive - although you can find and catch them right away, their high-hopping habits make them difficult to contain!

Others of these new types of slime are hidden away deep into the map, like the beautiful Flutter Slime. It might take a while to find them all, but once you do they’ll add a lot of vibrancy and diversity to your slime lineup. (Your slimeup?).

Cotton Slime is one of many new slimes introduced in Slime Rancher 2.

The new slimes for you to find are:

  • Cotton Slime: A bouncy, rabbit-like slime with big ears.
  • Angler Slime: A water-loving slime with a light on its head - and on its plorts!
  • Batty Slime: As the name suggests, this bat-like slime mostly lives in caves.
  • Flutter Slime: A slime with beautiful butterfly-like wings.
  • Ringtail Slime: A mischievous slime with a habit for thievery.

There are also a few Slime types from the original game that haven’t yet been added to Slime Rancher 2, but more kinds of Slime may be added as the game is still in early access.

Slime Rancher 2 slime locations, diet and favourite food list

In this table you can find all the Slime currently available in Slime Rancher 2, with information about where to find them, their diet, and their favourite foods.

Slime who are fed their favourite foods will produce twice as many plorts.

SlimeSlime locationDietFavourite Food
Pink Slime
Pink Slime appear in every area.AllNone
Cotton Slime
All of Rainbow Fields, and the purple and pink areas of the Starlight Strand.VeggiesWater Lettuce
Tabby Slime
Blue areas of Rainbow Fields, and the orange, brown, and lower green areas of Ember Valley.MeatStony Hen
Phosphor Slime
Can only be found at night, but then they appear in every area.FruitCuberry
Angler Slime
Areas with water in the Ember Valley and Starlight Strand.MeatSea Hen
Rock Slime
Ember Valley and the purple area of Starlight Strand.VeggiesHeart Beet
Batty Slime
Cave and brown areas of Ember Valley.FruitPomegranite
Flutter Slime
Far southern area of Starlight Strand.NectarNectar
Ringtail Slime
Ember Valley and Starlight Strand. They become statues in sunlight, so look in caves or at night.AllNone
Boom Slime
Brown and cave areas of Ember Valley.MeatBriar Hen
Honey Slime
Pink area of Starlight Strand, specifically near the river and in the south.FruitMint Mango
Puddle Slime
In the Ember Valley, near the Crystal Gordo slime or in the caves behind the beach waterfall.WaterNone
Crystal Slime
Brown and cave areas of the Ember Valley.VeggiesOdd Onion
Hunter Slime
Purple and pink areas of Starlight Strand. Look closely as they are sometimes invisible!MeatRoostro
Fire Slime
Ember Valley in the pools of lava in the brown and cave areas.Ash None
Lucky Slime
Lucky Slime spawn randomly but can't be vacuumed up. Feed them meat to recieve Newbucks.MeatNone
Gold Slime
Gold Slime spawn randomly, anywhere on the map. They cannot be vacuumed up - feed to drop a gold plort and add to your Slimepedia.AnyAny

Best of luck hunting down every remaining slime to your roster!