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Skyrim total conversion mod Enderal gets a release date, looks great

Completely new setting, new mechanics, new story!

It is made from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim parts but its story, its setting and its mechanics are all built anew - the free total conversion mod Enderal is finally ready to be released.

"The German version will be activated on July 1-3rd," tweeted maker SureAI (via Reddit). "The English version will be released one or two weeks later."

Enderal is a total conversion mod that has been five years in the making, with planning beginning a month before Skyrim was even released. A team of 14 people have put it together, coordinated from Munich, Germany. It's the same team that made The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion mod Nehrim - indeed, Enderal is a sequel to Nehrim, not that you need to have played it.

Enderal apparently has a more mature story than Skyrim, one that surrounds psychology and philosophy and religion. Its world is said to be nearly as big as Skyrim's but it has done away with level-scaling and learning-by-doing in favour of more traditional role-playing game experience points. All the perks have been overhauled as well.

Both the German and English versions of Enderal will be fully voiced.

For the moment Enderal, as a mod, will only be available for PC. But with mods confirmed for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition remaster on PS4 and Xbox One it theoretically could come to consoles at some point, too.

Inspiring stuff, SureAI!

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An example of the English voice acting.Watch on YouTube

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