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Silent Hill Origins heads to PS2

Travis tucks toaster in tunic.

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Konami has exorcised the wispy spectre of speculation by confirming a port of Silent Hill Origins is coming to PS2.

The scarer will pick up slightly less fiddly controls in the transition from PSP, but otherwise everything down to the haunting soundtrack will be the same.

We looked kindly upon the PSP version because it stood out on the system, despite being a rather needless stop-gap release. However, we're not so confident it will be seen in the same light on the PS2, which was home to three previous major releases in the series.

Silent Hill Origins was the first game in the iconic survival-horror franchise to be created by Climax Studios and not old hand Team Silent.

In it you play as truck driver Travis Grady who accidentally stumbles on the mysterious town of Silent Hill. As he goes, he stuffs everything from meat cleavers to toasters in his coat and uses them to solve puzzles and kill grizzly things.

Pop over to our Silent Hill Origins PSP review for a closer inspection.

PS3 instalment Silent Hill V, the big new generation hope, is being created by Team Collective of Mark Ecko shame-fame. It's due out sometime this year.

Silent Hill Origins on PS2 is yet to be given a release date.

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