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Silent Hill 8 renamed Downpour

Konami drip-feeds info on soggy sequel.

The next entry in Konami's Silent Hill franchise will be subtitled Downpour and boast a strong gameplay focus on – yes, you guess it - water.

According to Game Informer, who have a full reveal of the game in its next issue, the wet stuff is "falling from the sky! It's running from the ceiling! It's in puddles on the ground!"

The eighth title in the long-running survival horror series was formally announced at E3 last year, with new Czech developer Vatra Games picking up the reins from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories team Climax Studios.

The developer is promising classic Silent Hill combat, a return to the tough puzzles of old, a huge game map, a 10 hour campaign, multiple side-quests, QTE-filled boss fights and weapon-specific paths.

You'll play as escaped convict Murphy Pendelton who chances upon the titular ghost town while on the lam. Check out the trailer below for a closer look.

It's due for release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on an as yet undisclosed date.