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Significant DLC plans for Mass Effect 2?

Retail quiz points to extensive support.

BioWare is planning to support Mass Effect 2 with oodles of downloadable content, according to a report.

Destructoid has got its hands on something called a "Microsoft Expert Zone quiz", a tool that briefs retailers about information on the games they sell, and it lists some interesting Xbox Live features for the upcoming sci-fi RPG.

There's "planned episodic combat via DLC", new downloadable characters, weapons and armour, and "full campaign expansions" on the cards, apparently, along with "periodic updates" via something called the "Cerberus Network".

Cerberus is the name of the human supremacist organisation to which Commander Shepard finds himself allied in Mass Effect 2, as he tries to discover why human colonies are being mysteriously wiped out.

We asked publisher EA about the game's DLC plans this morning and were told that it would not comment on rumour and speculation.

However, sizable DLC support would hardly be that surprising given BioWare's considerable plans for Dragon Age and the fact it released a bit of content for the first Mass Effect.

Mass Effect 2 is due out for PC and Xbox 360 on 29th January. We're seeing BioWare later this week so we'll be sure to ask about the above.

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