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Sierra dishes out AvP details

What would Predator do?

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Sierra Entertainment has finally revealed some new info on its upcoming Alien vs. Predator PSP game.

We now know for certain it will be a third-person action game, where you'll play as the stealthy Predator and hunt down both humans and Aliens. All of the usual gadgets are on offer, like the shoulder-cannon and wrist blades, as well as new futuristic toys like trip mines.

The best bit, though, is that the closer you adhere to the Predator's code of conduct, the better you'll be rewarded. This is based on an honour point system, which will let you buy better weapons and armour upgrades.

Multiplayer will be included, too, although it looks limited to a co-operative mode where you'll team up with other Predators to battle against waves of baddies. As if an entire squadron could take down Dutch. He's got muscles and brains.

Aliens vs. Predator was partially unveiled last week, where we learned original PC-game developer Rebellion would be creating it.

It's based around the upcoming Hollywood sequel, which is expected to air in December. While no date has been announced for the game, a Christmas release is a safe bet.

Cop your sensors on it over in our Alien vs. Predator gallery.

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