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Shred humans as a blobby flesh monster in "reverse horror" game Carrion's new demo

But you've only got a week to grab it.

Phobia Game Studio's Carrion - the "reverse horror" game that casts you as the oozing flesh monster, for once - now has a limited-time demo on Steam, ahead of its release next year.

Carrion is the follow-up to Phobia's gory side-scroller Butcher, and plays out something like Alien in reverse, letting players rampage through the claustrophobic interior of a shadowy industrial complex, flicking tendrils hither and thither until every last human is a pulpy paste.

Dicebreaker's Johnny Chiodini found himself simultaneously disgusted and delighted by Carrion when he took control of its insatiable alien monstrosity at this year's E3.

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"The influence of John Carpenter's [The Thing] is abundant," he wrote, "from the genuinely unsettling creature movement and buckets of gore to the frankly excellent sound design...The noises you hear as you slither, dismember and gorge your way about the place are genuinely disgusting, provoking a strange thrill that's part elation and part revulsion at your own actions."

Those eager for a bout of gory slaughter as Halloween approaches can download Carrion's "sneak peek" demo on Steam until 2nd November. Publisher Devolver Digital is bringing Carrion to PC and unspecified consoles some time next year.

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