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Shenmue - Warehouse No 8 location and where to find the Old Warehouse District

Where to find Warehouse No 8 - both in the New and Old Warehouse District.

Finding the Warehouse No 8 location and where to find the Old Warehouse District comes after the Chinese letter and Father's Heaven quest in Shenmue.

If you're looking for help with other parts of the game, our Shenmue guide and walkthrough and list of Shenmue tips can help.

Finding the Warehouse No 8 location

From the bus stop, head left and straight ahead for a cutscene, with the following QTE:

  • Xbox, Dreamcast: Left, A, B
  • PlayStation: Left, X, Circle

As Goro says, head down the long stretch ahead, and turn right (at the drinks machine and where it says 'No. 1-11 on the floor').

It's then the warehouse on your right. Attempt to enter via the front, and you'll be stopped.

To enter Warehouse No 8, go round the back, until you find an orange crate. You can push this by pressing the action button (X on PlayStation, A on Xbox and Dreamcast) to move it up against the larger crates. Press the action button again to climb up, allowing you to climb through the window.

Once inside Warehouse No 8, go right, left round the corner and head towards the rooms at the very end.

Here you'll have a cutscene, where you'll discover this isn't the Warehouse No 8 you're looking for. Instead, you have to find a Warehouse No 8 in an Old Warehouse District.

Old Warehouse District location

Leave Warehouse No 8 the way you came. To find the Old Warehouse District, return to where you entered this part of the harbour, so you are standing with the drinks machine to your right.

From here, go north, and there is a corner with a choice of going left or right. Head north-west, so the water is on your right.

Now follow this path round so the water is always to your right. Soon you'll come across Tom's Hotdog Stand. Run past here, then take a left, to reach a gate. Attempt to go through, and you'll be stopped and told to come back later.

That's the long and short of how you find the Old Warehouse District - you now don't have to do anything but wait until nighttime.

However, if want to kill time and find the proper way with a few extra cutscenes, here's now. Head back to that fork at the waterfront, taking a left round the corner and going north-east.

Along here is cutscene where a homeless man is kicked out by some security guards. Grab a coffee from the nearby drinks machine and give it to him.

Now, head back the way you came so you are approaching the other drinks machine near where you turned towards the new Warehouse No eight, and you should activate a cutscene at the sandwich stand involving Mai. Agree to help when prompted.

Warehouse No 17 and Mai's friends are in the same direction as where you encountered the homeless man - to the north-east of here. You'll come to an open area with a gate ahead, but turn right and you'll find them at the dead end. After the QTE, return to the sandwich stand and you'll be given an order to take to the Old Warehouse District, giving you the tip.

Anyway - however you find it, come back to the Old Warehouse District from 8pm, and approach the gate.

After some more Shenmue tips? Our full Shenmue walkthrough will guide you through ever step of the main story, from the Three Blades, to where to find Charlie, Warehouse No 8 and where to use the Mysterious Key. And, of course, exactly where to find sailors. We also have pages on Shemue's various extracurricular activities, like feeding the kitten, winning forklift races, Shenmue flashback locations, a full Shenmue Trophy and Achievements and Capsule Toys lists, too.

Directions to the old Warehouse Number 8

As you attempt to sneak in, get ready for a QTE during the cutscene:

  • Right

You now have a stealth section of avoiding secruity guards patrolling a poorly lit warehouse district. The path is as follows - right, left, right, and Warehouse No 8 is to your left. If you sprint as soon as you begin, you'll reach it without any guards noticing.

If you need specific directions, here they are (note these screenshots are lighter than in the game to help guide you):

Go right...
Then left...
Then right...
And Warehouse No 8 is to your left.

If you get spotted, don't worry - you'll restart the stealth section again within a few moments. You'll skip a day as a result, so unless you are keen to meet a particular time, then don't worry about failing a handful of times. (In fact, this method is the easiest way to see Shenmue's bad ending.)

When you get there, go through the door and you can start exploring.

To progress, there are two sets of shelves with items on more or less ahead of where you enter. Approach the one on the left, pick up the white plate and press the action button.

A cutscene will now take place, introducing a few new characters and the revelation of another mirror - the Phoenix Mirror. You've now unlocked the Warehouse district to explore in future - so feel free to hop on the bus to come back here again.