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Shenmue - Finding Charlie, the tattoo parlour and the Okoyama Heights location

How to find Charlie, and the locations of the tattoo parlour and Okoyama Heights.

The quest to find Charlie, the tattoo parlour and the Okoyama Heights location follows the successful search for sailors in Shenmue.

If you're looking for help with other parts of the game, our Shenmue guide and walkthrough and list of Shenmue tips can help.

Where to find Charlie

Come out of the alley where Heartbeats is located, and chat to the chap tending the motorcycle outside the shop opposite. He will tell you to go to the Jacket Shop. It's on the same high street as Tom's Hot Dog stand.

Talking to the owner will tell you Charlie frequents the area at night, from 7pm. It's probably past that time right now, so you'll have to come back tomorrow to pick this up.

The next day, there are a couple of optional missable scenes if you fast travel to Dobuita. Instead, Head to Yamanose - the area with the Kitten - for a QTE with kids in the street.

There's another missable scene in Sakuragoaka, where you have to defend Nozomi from thugs in the park. This is probably your first taste of a 'Free Battle' - the Virtua Fighter style combat mode - in the game. It should be fairly easy - spam any attacks until they are downed.

When you are ready to face Charlie, head to the high street at 7pm, specifically at night time, and around the Yu Arcade area. Run back and forth past it until a cutscene occurs, where you'll be taken to a nearby car park and set upon by a gang of thugs.

This is a 'Free Battle' against a large number of enemies. Spamming attacks should see you win fairly easily, but any problems, it's better to sprint out of the pack, and try and face each enemy one by one. Running kicks tend to be the most effective if you can land them.

Once done, it's time to learn more about the tattoo and the parlour it came from.

Where to find the tattoo parlour

After the Free Battle in the car park, head straight to Yu Arcade nearby. On the right are two individuals sitting down playing a cocktail arcade cabinet.

Asking about the tattoo will extend an invite to their gang. Select 'Join' to be told about the tattoo parlour location in Okoyama Heights.

The Okoyama Heights location is in Doubita, in a set of apartments, opposite the MJQ Jazz Bar and where you played the missable pool shot mini-game.

Head up to the upper floor, and enter after 2pm. (If you completed the above step in the evening, it might be closed, so you'll have to come back the next day.

After the cutscene, Ryo will open a curtain.

After some more Shenmue tips? Our full Shenmue walkthrough will guide you through ever step of the main story, from the Three Blades, to where to find Charlie, Warehouse No 8 and where to use the Mysterious Key. And, of course, exactly where to find sailors. We also have pages on Shemue's various extracurricular activities, like feeding the kitten, winning forklift races, Shenmue flashback locations, a full Shenmue Trophy and Achievements and Capsule Toys lists, too. And, if you're playing the latest sequel, our Shenmue 3 walkthrough could be useful.

When ready, press proceed and a QTE will spring upon you:

  • Xbox, Dreamcast: Left, A
  • PlayStation: Left, X

Charlie will then arrange to meet you tomorrow at 3pm. Leaving the apartments will activate a cutscene with Nozomi. You now have a free day ahead of you - make use of the many Shenmue side activities until you can go to sleep at 8pm, starting the Chinese letter, where to find a phone and Father's Heaven puzzle solution part of the story.

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