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Shenmue - How to win Forklift races and every Forklift figure

How to win Forklift races and every figure, as well as work those daily forklift shifts.

Forklift races are up there with the search for sailors in things everyone knows about Shenmue without needing to play it.

It's a regular occurrence in the game's last third, and also how you get many of the game's Forklift figures - important if you want to complete your Capsule Toy collection.

If you're looking for help with other parts of the game, our Shenmue guide and walkthrough and list of Shenmue tips can help.

How to win Forklift races

Each morning before you work has everyone warm up by racing forklifts around the harbour, putting your driving skills to the test. It's the same each day - a three lap race starting near where you first enter the harbour, then going right, along the water front, and round, through the New Warehouse District and back.

Getting the feel of the Forklift is obviously the key to your success, so practice working as fast as you can during the day to help you during your races.

Touching any walls will stop you dead, and possibly force you to reverse, so it's wiser to slow down and turn completely than ram into one of the sides. We found it easier to drive in first-person - tap the B button on Xbox and Dreamcast, or Circle on PlayStation, to change view.

Here's a race of coming in first place:

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After some more Shenmue tips? Our full Shenmue walkthrough will guide you through ever step of the main story, from the Three Blades, to where to find Charlie, Warehouse No 8 and where to use the Mysterious Key. And, of course, exactly where to find sailors. We also have pages on Shemue's various extracurricular activities, like feeding the kitten, winning forklift races, Shenmue flashback locations, a full Shenmue Trophy and Achievements and Capsule Toys lists, too.

How to get all Forklift figures

Another thing to consider is your placing. While your instinct is to be first each time, each respective position has a Forklift Toy Capsule attached to it - one for all five positions. If you want to be a completionist, then you'll want to finish in first, second, third, fourth and fifth of each working day.

Our tip is to aim for first, then in the final few corners, drop back where possible to suit the position you're looking for. Of course, you could see more racers pass you than anticipated, so it's difficult.

Since there's only five races, you have to get a different position each day, and if you're particularly keen to get all five, we recommend saving before each race and restarting if you don't get what you need.