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Shenmue - Three Blades explained, Ajilchi Chinese restaurant and Liu Barber and Hair Salon locations

Where to find Ajilchi Chinese restaurant and Liu Barber and Hair Salon to help track down the Three Blades.

The Three Blades, and finding the Ajilchi Chinese restaurant and Liu Barber and Hair Salon location, is a quest line that follows on from the search for the Black Car in Shenmue.

If you're looking for help with other parts of the game, our Shenmue guide and walkthrough and list of Shenmue tips can help.

Ajilchi Chinese restaurant and Three Blades explained

After speaking to Tom and entering the Global Travel Agency opposite the food truck, you'll want to find the Ajilchi Chinese restaurant.

Leaving the Global Travel Agency, head right until you come to the Tomato Convenience Store. Turn right here, and about halfway down this street is a yellow sign on the left, with the Ajilchi Chinese restaurant location.

Head inside, and you'll learn about the Three Blades as part of the cutscene. These are three different trades, which are represented in the town for you to investigate.

Though you are given a list of names, the easiest way to complete this is to head to Mary's Patch and Embroidery on the high street, not far from Tom's Hot Dog stand was located.

After that, you'll be advised to head to Liu Barber and Hair Salon. (As the Ajilchi Chinese restaurant said, it was previously closed, but opens up after you visit Mary's Patch and Embroidery).

Liu Barber and Hair Salon location

The Liu Barber and Hair Salon location is in the south-east of Dobuita, near the area's exit back to Sakuragoaka.

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They recommend you speak to their elder family member, who can be found in Suzume Park. This is in Dobuita, specifically at the turning next to Yu Arcade. To find it, head down the other high street, past Tom's Hot Dog stand, and turn right just before Yu Arcade. The park is on the right.

Speak to the chap sitting down on the park bench, and you'll learn about finding sailors - the next stage on your quest.