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Shadow of War's bossfights end with a nice chat in new Xbox E3 trailer

Olog-hai nice to meet you too, mate!

Middle Earth: Shadow of War got another new gameplay trailer at Microsoft's E3 conference, this time featuring a couple of boss battles, some pre-siege strategy, and some surprisingly chatty orcs.

The main focus of the trailer is on the more "dynamic" Nemesis System. It seems to be less focused on drawing us out of the gameplay to a separate menu, and more on how the various duels and power struggles play out in real time. Oh, and there's a very quick look at that weird spear-staff Celebrimbor lets us use in the arena combat, too.

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In this case, it played out primarily through an invasion of an arena-based conflict, where a cocky Olog-Hai's taking on a regular Uruk-sized challenger.

We get a proper look at how the Domination mechanic works here, with it seemingly being possible to trigger from a short distance away, at least on the larger enemies like Olog-Hai. The really interesting thing, meanwhile, is the Olog-Hai's demeanour afterwards: chatty - very chatty - instead of the more zombie-like drones that would feature in Shadow of Mordor.

He also drops a few quips of his own in the preparation for the siege near the trailer's end, whilst another enemy taunts and bickers throughout your interaction later on, too.

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